Jan 22

Fellow Mechwarriors,

You thought MWLL was a forgotten casualty, but the Legends Live on!

Several community members have very much kept the fires going and have now revived our Total Conversion mod with their Community Edition (found here). Now with an all in one installer, it has never been easier to play. Simply download and play!

As for Wandering Samurai Studios, we are no longer pursuing future development on MWLL and thus passing the torch onto the Community Edition team and wish them all the best in their endeavors. We are confident that they will uphold the all rights that were granted in the development of MWLL as well as assume any and all responsibilities with regards to the legal obligations of this non-profit total conversion mod.

With great pride, we look forward to seeing where the Community Edition team will take this total conversion mod and what legends may emerge in the future.

Best of luck, Community Edition! May you become the next Living Legends!

MWLL Community Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/MWLL/

MWLL Community Edition Install Guide : https://www.reddit.com/r/MWLL/wiki/guides/install

Discord Group : http://discord.me/mwll
See you on the Battlefield Mechwarriors!

Dec 10

Fellow Living Legends,

As we all know, GameSpy services have been shut down for quite some time. This has made playing the Greatest Combined-Arms Battletech Experience quite a challenge. There may be a learning curve to the game, but there shouldn’t be one to install it! It has still been possible to play MWLL thanks to the dedication and perseverance of our community, and now, once again they’ve made even easier to get back in action than ever before.

Simply running the patcher is all that’s needed to let you play MWLL right now.

No more Gamespy accounts!
No more hostfile editing!!
Just install and play!!!

Check out r/mwll too, where updates for community events like the Open Merc Night and Chaos March will be posted, as well as the upcoming New Player Guide.

The updated installation guide with the GameSpy Fix can be found here:

See you on the Battlefield Mechwarriors!

May 29

Hey there Living Legends,

We may have stopped updating the game with new content, but that doesn’t mean our community has stopped making Mechwarrior: Living Legends easier than ever to access for new and returning players alike.

In the thread referenced below you’ll find all the information you’d ever need to get started playing the greatest Mechwarrior game ever created! If you have any inquiries, would like to see how many people are currently playing, or would like to participate in organized events, talk on the community Teamspeak or IRC, the forums are your plethora of information. There are many people around willing to answer any questions you may have, train, and play with you.

Here’s a link to the updated installation guide.

See you on the Battlefield!


Jul 21

So, our die-hard community has been furiously finding ways around the inevitable shutdown of GameSpy. Due to their failure to provide on-going service to thousands of games, including ours, the Living Legends community have a solution. If you still wish to play Mechwarrior: Living Legends and continue to enjoy the best Combined-Arms Mechwarrior Experience ever created, please refer to the provided link to continue fighting the good fight.

As new tools develop we will keep you informed.

Jan 12

Eridani Light Horse, Black Shadow Merc Corp, Russian Community of MWLL.SU and Russian Death Legion officially announce MechWarrior – Forever Legends.

Tournament Leage

Mechwarrior: Forever Legends

Time has come.

Time to show that legends can’t die.

This is Living Legends. This is MechWarrior.

Get ready for a Tournament. Get ready to become a Legend.

Click here to learn more

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