Dec 29

MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.4.0 Public Beta Release

After several months of toil, trouble, unbelieveable bugs and numerous small animal sacrifices we are proud to announce the immediate release of Mechwarrior : Living Legends Open Beta 0.4.0 Total Conversion modification for Crysis and Crysis Wars!

NOTE: The issue with the game crashing due to a broken Sounds.pak is now fixed and we released a hotfix. Please run the Auto Updater to get the latest files and update your build to version 0.4.1.

The long wait is over and you will now be able to enjoy the most feature-filled version of MechWarrior: Living Legends yet.  MWLL 0.4.0 has numerous updates, including:

  • Some stuff changed.
  • Dual-platform support for Crysis and Crysis Wars
  • New Game Mode :: Terrain Control
  • New Unit :: Hephaestus Clan Hovercraft
  • New Unit :: Morrigu Clan Assault Tank
  • New Unit :: Thor Clan Heavy Mech
  • New Weapon :: Clan Heavy Lasers
  • New Weapon :: Inner Sphere X-Pulse Lasers
  • New Weapon :: Clan Advanced Tactical Missile (ATM)
  • 5 mode-specific maps; including 2 brand new ones for Terrain Control
  • New Feature :: Build Repair Utility
  • New Feature :: Extended League Mode Support
  • Renaming of Game Mode :: Solaris Arena is now known as Team Solaris Arena
  • Bonus Map :: TSA_Palisades

Terrain Control brings a new objective-based game mode centered on the capture and control of key locations on a game map.   Kills and enemy damage are still a factor, but are weighed less than having terrain under your teams control.

MWLL 0.4.0 Total Download Size :: 2.2 GB

For a more detailed list including bug fixes and some known issues (not all of them) please refer to our Changelog page.

Installation Procedure

Before installing this new version of Mechwarrior : Living Legends please first delete your entire mwll directory in your Mods folder. Please ensure to keep a backup of your custom maps prior to deleting it or you will lose those or any work you have done on them.

Installing the latest version of MWLL is as easy as downloading our latest installation package. It will include all required files to run the update procedure. You will be asked to run the “Auto Update” right after the setup finishes to install. Please confirm the checkbox is checked and click Finish to start the update procedure.

The process can take quiet a while to complete. The total download size for the entire update is 2.2 GB. You will be offered to retain a copy of the update package (ZIP) and the Torrent file for further distribution through your favorite Torrent client.

Server Installation

If you are running a dedicated server on Crysis or Wars you will need to upload the mod to it. This can be done by either uploading your entire MWLL directory or only those files included in the ZIP archive that is downloaded by the Auto Updater. This will also work with any future update! You will find those files in Mods\mwll\Updates. Extract the archive and upload the content to update the server.

Game Statistics

Here a quick insight on how a developer build looks like. This pretty much reflect what we have to work with every day in order to get a release done for you.

Total Size3889 MB
Lines of Code326890
CPP Files269559
Header Files57331

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