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Some of our recent media releases have hinted that there will be new automatic turret systems in place for 0.4.0, which we are now happy to confirm.  MWLL 0.4.0 will feature a more robust automatic defense turret system to accompany the Terrain Control gamemode.  Additionally, the overall turret AI has been improved to allow selective targeting of assets by their class type, allowing for role assignment and approximated detection range.

Some History

During the development of the Terrain Control gamemode it became readily apparent that the existing Calliope and Eagle Eye turrets were far too powerful for use at capture bases.  We experimented with lowering their durability and cone-of-fire capabilities but then found that it would require a great number of them to be able to sufficiently defend the main headquarters base for each team.  Thus grew the need for a set of medium capability turret systems that could be placed at capture base locations and provide a deterent against casual capture, but not pose a significant threat in and of themselves without player reinforcement.

New Automated Turrets

MWLL 0.4.0 will feature two new named turret systems; the Sentinel and the Hellgiver.  These both use a newly created modular turret housing that can accomodate a number of different weapon configurations.  In our current Alpha, these turrets are setup with:


Additionally, we have been experimenting with more powerful turrets that can mount ERPPC, and possibly Light Gauss.

Automated Turret Logic Improvements

All Automated Turret systems will receive upgraded target acquisition logic in MWLL 0.4.0 to provide more flexibility in assigning turret roles and capabilities.  This has been done by creating a class-specific targeting range for each turret entity.

For example, the Calliope turret will use the following values to determine whether it can see/shoot at an enemy target:

250mBA Detection Radius
500mMech Detection Radius
500mVehicle Detection Radius
700mVTOL Detection Radius
700mAerospace Detection Radius

Using this new system, we can configure turrets to allow for anti-aero only roles (by setting all other values to 0m) or have infantry-only systems.  And of course, each automated turret entity can be setup with a specific durability value.

Using the above, we now have a full-fledged automated defense turret system that works harmoniously with the new Terrain Control gamemode, is backwards compatible with Team Solaris Arena and will be adaptable to future gamemodes.

The Future

Going forward we are looking at possibly allowing players to purchase additional automated base turrets using a turret technology tree system.  This system may even allow for players to purchase mannable turrets that are of significantly greater durability and power than the automated variety and open up a new play option within the game.  Our standard disclaimer applies here in that these features have only been in conceptual development and may not be implemented.

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