Jan 04

Many new users in our community have bought  the Steam super sale for the Crysis Maximum Edition and are facing the same problem: Authentication Failed (3) when connecting to a Wars or MWLL server.

We would like to state that this is not an issue with Mechwarrior: Living Legends. Our suspicion is that Steam supplied a flawed installer or key in their distribution system which will popup a warning message when trying to play an Online game. This can be confirmed by opening up regular Crysis Wars / Crysis and go to Multiplayer –> Internet and selecting a CD Key protected server (many servers are not asking for a CD key authentication whereas MWLL will always ask for a key). Usually the ones running PunkBuster are protected and can be used for testing. Please use multiple server to test if your CD Key really is rejected.

Once you receive the message Your CD Key is invalid you are offered to enter your CD key manually. Sadly this will not fix the underlying issue: Steam overwrites the CD key each time you launch the game. This is done by the Steam Application using a helper script that tells it: Whenever the game is started, write the following Key in the registry. This key is not properly formatted for many users, it is missing the “-” (dashes) in the CD Key (“AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD” format) and hence will be rejected by the authentication process.

Luckily we have a bright and eager community that never gives up!  lonkero173 posted a solution that will be extended to allow auto-adding the proper key each time.

Open the following file in a text editor (ex. Notepad): [steam root]\steamapps\common\crysis wars\installscript.vdf

This is just an extract from the file but the %CDKEY% part is important:



“HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Electronic Arts\\Electronic Arts\\Crysis Wars\\ergc”
“(Default)”      “%CDKEY%”

This is the part that overwrite your CD key with the wrong one. To fix this issue permanently remove the %CDKEY% part and replace it with the properly formatted Crysis Wars CD Key. You will receive this one with your Crysis Warhead Installation by right clicking on the Crysis Warhead link in your Game Library and selecting “Show Product Key“.

One you entered this key in the install script it will still overwrite your CD key but this time with a properly formatted one. Your CD Key issues are now resolved!

We are also preparing a more thorough troubleshooting and installation assistance guide for distribution in the near future that will include the above fix as well as several other common non-MWLL issues.

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