May 27

It is with great pride that I announce the immediate release of MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.5.0 Open Beta.

In addition to numerous bug fixes, performance improvements and gameplay additions this release adds the long-0utstanding Solaris Arena gamemode to the list of playable game types with none other than the supremely talented voice actor George Ledoux to reprise his role as the original voice of Solaris Arena announcer Duncan Fisher.

New Features

  • new game mode : Solaris Arena (SA)
  • new game mode : Last Man Standing (LMS)
  • SA/LMS custom scoring & awards system (differs from TSA/TC)
  • map auto-downloader system enabled with custom z-lib extractor library
  • TC maps can be used for TSA and ToS game modes
  • new Solaris Arena map: SA_Glory
  • new Solaris Arena map: SA_HelsGate
  • new Solaris Arena map: SA_Jungle
  • new Terrain Control map: TC_Sandblasted
  • Duncan Fisher Solaris Arena Announcer audio
  • single bay ‘Mech hangar prefab
  • SA stadium model & crowd texture
  • SA camtower model
  • SA promotional posters
  • SA clan recruitment posters
  • numerous other features


  • heavily optimised TC_DeathValley map to reduce drawcalls and texture memory usage
  • class based sound channel calling system for vehicles
  • various Oneshot and MaxChannels issues resolved with sound palette
  • tracked vehicle handling improved globally, less slip on inclined surfaces
  • several particles have been refactored (ex. PPC, AC2/5, LRM trails) to improve performance
  • numerous other improvements


  • new Uziel “D” and “E” variants
  • lowered per-missile damage for ATMs
  • AC10/UAC10 now have faster projectile speed
  • AC10/UAC10 primary and secondary damage improved
  • lowered tonnage for Clan Medium and Large Heavy Lasers
  • corrected Sparrowhawk variants
  • laser weapons now make audible impact sounds
  • screen shake from SRM/SSRM/ATM reduced
  • aerospace must land to rearm by default
  • hitboxes improved for all ground vehicles, Madcat, Mk2
  • BA TAG range increased to 550m
  • Removed UAC “double jeopardy” cooldown penalty
  • numerous other improvements and changes

Support for regular Crysis has been discontinued, as of 0.5.0 MWLL will only support Crysis Wars.

Release Media Screenshots

Installation Procedure


Before installing this new version of Mechwarrior: Living Legends please first delete your entire mwll directory in your Mods folder. Please ensure to keep a backup of your custom maps prior to deleting it or you will lose those or any work you have done on them.

Installing the latest version of MWLL is as easy as downloading our latest installation package. It will include all required files to run the update procedure. You will be asked to run the “Auto Update” right after the setup finishes to install. Please confirm the checkbox is checked and click Finish to start the update procedure.

The process can take quiet a while to complete. The total download size for the entire update is 2.5 GB. You will be offered to retain a copy of the update package (ZIP) and the Torrent file for further distribution through your favorite Torrent client.

Server Installation

If you are already running a dedicated server of MWLL 0.4.9 you will need to delete the entire MWLL folder from the server. Be sure to keep a copy of all custom maps you wish to use with MWLL 0.5.0! Then upload the entire MWLL 0.5.0 content in the ZIP to your server or ask Customer Support to download the ZIP for you and install the content into the ‘Mods/mwll’ directory. Future updates are incremental and can be added to the existing 0.5.0 installation.

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