Nov 01

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.5.3 public open beta hotfix. This patch addresses isusses found in our recent MWLL 0.5.2 release

Bug Fixes
– Fixed VTOL spawning in aero hangar
– Switched to static linking for the VC Runtime (this will stop the need to install redistributables on player machines)
– Improved Morrigu driving behaviour
– Fixed Shiva variant with Clan weapons
– Fixed wrong naming for Clan Arrow IVs
– Fixed stuck spots and other problems for the following maps: TSA_Extremity, TSA_Sandblasted, TSA_Inferno, SA_BrokenVista, TC_Sandblasted

Other Changes:
– Thor now meets art quality and baseline performance standards.- Loki legs have been tweaked.

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