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A MechWarrior without information is just meat in a can waiting for the next gauss round to arrive.  We here at MechWarrior: Living Legends recognise that and are pleased to bring you a look at our newly revised and massively improved HUD system; coming soon to a battleground near you.

The original HUD system in MechWarrior: Living Legends has been functional and did meet the requirements for the initial game launch back in 2009, but we have since added numerous layers to the complexity of our game and have many, many more treats in store for our community.  Our beta launch HUD design was built upon the native Flash system within the Crysis modSDK but has always been fraught with performance and maintainability issues as well as looking rather plain.

This last summer we decided it was time our HUD took off the training wheels and be recreated, ready to support all of our released and planned gameplay concepts and at the same time improve the appearance.

Concept artist “FlyingDebris” worked with the project directors and lead developers of the MWLL team to create multiple concepts for the HUD that encompassed the breadth of functionality available within MWLL and provide accomodations for planned features and expansions.  One of the core requirements was that the HUD for each vehicle class be uniquely suited to the roles that those players play and provide them with an interface that prioritises the information most important to those roles.

Here are the concepts for the Mech HUD showing the “kitchen sink” of information elements and a static/interference effect concept.

MWLL Mech HUD Concept     MWLL Mech HUD Concept Static Effect\

Here is the concept for the tank version of the HUD.

MWLL Tank HUD Concept

Our Flash Programmer “CHHs Deathshade” has been hard at work for months converting these concepts into working Flash files that can be dynamically updated by game code.  Working closely with our programming team, he has been implementing the ‘Mech HUD in stages making sure to test both functionality and performance at each step of the process.  Our goal is to create our own native HUD system that has little to no reliance upon the Crysis modSDK Flash system and has greatly improved performance and reliability.

Here are some screenshots of the HUD progress implemented thus far:

MWLL Mech HUD In Game 01    MWLL Mech HUD In Game 02    MWLL Mech HUD In Game 03

MWLL Mech HUD In Game 04    MWLL Mech HUD In Game 05    MWLL Mech HUD In Game 06

MWLL Mech HUD In Game 07    MWLL Mech HUD In Game 08

We have also prepared a quick video showing an alpha build playtest using the current ‘Mech HUD progress:

View Video on YouTube

We hope that you have enjoyed this look at upcoming improvements to the HUD systems within MechWarrior: Living Legends.  With each content release, teaser and peek into new features I hope that our MWLL community share in our sense of accomplishment and the pride in seeing what our volunteer team continues to achieve.

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