Jul 21

So, our die-hard community has been furiously finding ways around the inevitable shutdown of GameSpy. Due to their failure to provide on-going service to thousands of games, including ours, the Living Legends community have a solution. If you still wish to play Mechwarrior: Living Legends and continue to enjoy the best Combined-Arms Mechwarrior Experience ever created, please refer to the provided link to continue fighting the good fight.

As new tools develop we will keep you informed.

Aug 28

MechWarrior: Living Legends has the greatest community in the history of Battletech. Thanks to our dedicated playerbase we have a Universal Installer for acquiring everything required to play the latest and greatest version of MWLL in one single package.

Now, at your fingertips, you as well can experience the Greatest Combined Arms MechWarrior Experience ever created. Development may have ceased, but when you have more content than most AAA titles, have won more awards than you can count, and offer completely free, unsurpassed gameplay, we’re here to stay and ready to play.

Come join us by downloading the installer from this thread.

Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield.

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Jan 28


The MWLL team is pleased to announce the immediate release of MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.7.1 Hotfix.  This hotfix addresses some performance issues and bugs that were included in the 0.7.0 release as follows:

Version 0.7.1

Added TC_Enkeladus
Big texture optimization for most of the assets
Fixed Solaris Arena rankings not appearing
Fixed Thanatos spawning off-map
Added orange line to Aerospace heat indicator
Fixed Long Tom HUD bug
Adjusted free reticule & torso pitch values on all Mechs
Reduced crouch pitch bonus to +10‹ (was +20‹)
Radar bug fixed on several variants
Adjusted Mech/Tank HUDs to be more legible
Fixed missing camos for several Mechs & weapon pods
Corrected buy menu mouse scrolling speed
Fixed several incorrect/inconsistent buy menu descriptions
Fixed collision proxy in Avatar torso
Fixed Chimera exploding from splash damage when mounting LRM-type weapons
Fixed Bushwacker, Shadowcat, Black Lanner torsos disappearing upon destruction
Fixed (c)UAC10/20 display names for consistency
Increased firebomb reload time
Fixed AC10 & AC20 impact sounds not playing
Corrected cNarc lockon range
Fixed PPC shots spawning double particles & sounds
Modified PPC impact properties (Slightly better performance)
Fixed HVAC ammo in buy menu
Fixed BA Bear MG not automatically being replaced upon buying new BA weapons
Fixed APC only available to Clans in puretech
Fixed top-mounted weapon convergence issues on Bushwacker, Catapult, Daishi, Loki, Masakari, Ryoken, Warhammer
Fixed sounds for Solitaire not working
Adjusted Uller hitbox proxies
Fixed Atlas movement bug when moving forward while pitching down
Fixed Atlas shooting self (e.g. Hitting self with NARC when pitched/twisted at certain angles)
Removed Ares 3rd person
Added new engine sounds for Ares
Added Uller, Warhammer, Loki, Thor, Madcat MkII, Blood Asp F & G variants
Clan Large Pulse Laser -10% heat per shot
Firebomb fire rate interval increased to 5 seconds from 3
Global cbill accumulation slowdown changed to -10% (from -20% in 0.7.0)
Removed audio from radio messages
Heatsinks properly repair when asset is repaired (damage warning does not disappear from HUD)
Adjusted heat properties of several maps to be more inline with more punishing heat system (hot maps less hot, cold maps less cold)
Small optimization pass on TC_IvoryTower, TC_Frostbite
Removed several laser turrets from TC_IvoryTower

-Fixed missing objects
-Added repair pad to D3 base, removed Mech hangar’s repair ability
-Moved spawngroup entity of easternmost base to VTOL tower to make spawn location more obvious to players
-Light optimization pass

-Fixed dips in ground around northern base; fixed light post in middle of repair pad
-Fixed floating lights in middle base
-Fixed untextured trees

-Fixed invisible terrain inside easternmost base
-Moved OOB area lower to fix OOB warning when inside deep lakes
-Fixed missing dam objects
-Fixed CL aero runway’s broken buyzone
-Fixed IS VTOL hanger floating when hit with C8

Please use the auto-updater included with your MWLL installer to update to the latest version.

Jan 16

Greeting Living Legends!

In light of recent confusion and rumors, the co-owner of Wandering Samurai Studios and I are here to clear some things up.

First and foremost there has not, nor has there ever been, any legal action or threat of legal action leveraged against the MechWarrior: Living Legends development team. This was an assumption of a small amount of volunteers based on incomplete information.

To clarify, the decision to discontinue development of MechWarrior: Living Legends was made by the founders and owners of the project. On behalf of all the people involved in MechWarrior: Living Legends we must sincerely apologize to all parties affected by this miscommunication.

In closing, development on this project has officially come to an end. We thank you for your support and express our hope for the continued success of the MechWarrior franchise.


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Jan 16

We here at Wandering Samurai Studios would like to present to you our Final Public Release:

MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.7.0

First, I must present you with some important news.
This  letter doubles as a thank you and a farewell.

Over the years, we’ve strived to create the greatest, most innovative Battletech/MechWarrior game ever conceived. We feel our efforts re-inspired faith in the MechWarrior IP and paved the way to show that hard work and perseverance can bring anything to life given enough blood, sweat, and tears. Created by fans, for fans, we present to you this culmination of 6 years of work and whatever else we could slap together in time to release this final update to you; our community. You’ve stood by us over the years; providing critiques, discussions, and arguments that have bettered this game and made it into one of the best MechWarrior Communities I’ve ever seen.

As developers, this is a hard patch to free into the wild. It’s a compilation of everything we’ve made functional up to this point with more than likely a few bugs thrown in for good measure. We are unable to include or finish various features and assets that were in development, and many of the things we’d planned will never come to realization. When we started this project we had great ambitions, and in some respects may have been a bit much, although as our enthusiasm grew, so did the scope and possibilities. Given enough time, anything is possible, but in this day and age time is a luxury. You may not have as much time as you may believe. In turn, do what you can while you can to make a lasting impact on the world around you. In our case, we’ve made a lasting impact on an intellectual property we love. We’ve paved the way for innovation and have proven the viability of new ideas.

In terms of overall scope, I believe we’ve met and exceeded our initial expectations set forth when creating our original design document. Many things have changed, many things have been included or excluded, but in the grand scheme of things it’s exactly what we envisioned; a Combined Arms Battletech Experience. It has been amazing seeing it come to life before our eyes through the tips of our fingers. Over the years we’ve won multiple consecutive industry awards and were noted in various international print and digital publications. We don’t close our doors feeling any regrets; we close our doors knowing we’ve provided one of the most unique and in-depth Battletech/MechWarrior experiences ever created; with gameplay innovations and graphical fidelity that matches and even surpasses many AAA titles to this date. There will never be another experience quite like this.

We will move on to greater things as individuals, always remembering and presenting MechWarrior: Living Legends as our shining beacon of accomplishment. A testament to what can be accomplished by the devoted players who see fit to take game development into their own hands, with their own vision, on their own time. To create a unique experience that will be remembered by players and industry leaders alike for years to come. We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as we’ve enjoyed the journey. Thanks for supporting us, and have fun playing MechWarrior: Living Legends.



Now, on to the Change-Log!

Version 0.7.0 

Change-log and Feature Updates

New Features:

– Free Reticle
– New Tank Hud
– New Mech Hud
– Three new mech camos
– Camo for tanks and hovercrafts is now partly supported
– The ejection key has to be tapped twice now to trigger the ejection
– Crysis Wars radio messages reworked for MWLL

New Content:

– Added Ares Tank
– Added Solitaire Mech
– Added Chimera Mech
– Added Masakari Mech
– New Map: TC_Altay

Bug Fixes:

– Tag Exploit Fixed
– Fixed crash when shooting at destructible trees with pulse lasers
– Fixed crash in arm animation code
– Fixed reticle showing red on friendly mech legs
– Fixed not getting rewards for narced target getting damage
– Fixed grenades not working before opening map


– Heavy sound optimization across the board
– Cut sound channel use for all weapons, impacts
– New weapon/impact sounds- gauss, ppc, high caliber ACs, machine guns

Balance Changes:

– Maximum heat threshold for mechs, ASF, VTOL reduced from 1000c to 900c;
– Heatsink damage starts at 75% of heat (675c for mechs – orange line, was 750c);
– Armor damage starts at 83% of heat (750c for mechs – red line, was 800c);
– Heat damage to armor increased from 350 to 1400;
– Coolant effectiveness do not depends from number of heatsinks now;
– If asset is powered down it gets heat dissipation increased up to level needed to be immune to almost any flamer  boat;
– Heat dissipation penalties on maximum speed removed;
– Heat from hand brake removed;

– LXPL heat decreased;
– RAC2, RAC5, U\Ac2, U\Ac5, U\Ac10, U\Ac20 heat increased;
– (E\C)LRMs, (S)SRMs heat increased;

– All UACs use burst fire mode now;
– UAC20 range decreased from 500 to 350m;
– UAC10 range decreased to 600m;
– Damage of UAC2\5 against air targets decreased by 50%;
– Damage of UAC2\5 against hovers decreased by 33%;
– Shots\damage per ton recalculated and in line now;

– AC20\10 splash and shake increased;
– AC20 damage reduced;
– AC20 range decreased from 500 to 350m;
– AC10 range decreased to 600m;
– Damage of UAC2\5 against air targets decreased by 35%;
– Shots\damage per ton recalculated and in line now;

– SRMs rate of fire reduced from 20 to 17;
– SRMs missiles per ton increased from 90 to 96;
– SSRMs rate of fire reduced from 20 to 15;
– SSRMs damage increased;
– SSRMs missiles per ton reduced from 90 to 72 while damage per ton increased by 10%;
– Dual launchers have standard number of missiles per ton now, every mech got 1 free ton for every dual launcher;

– New tracers for racs;
– Spread reduced;
– RAC2 damage per ton increased;
– Performance impact reduced;
– Damage against air targets decreased by 50%;
– Damage against hovers decreased by 33%;

– LBX2\5 damage and spread are in line with LBX10\20 now;
– LBX2 range increased from 1000 to 1200;
– LBX5 range increased from 800 to 900;
– LBX20 spread reduced;
– Damage against air targets decreased by 50%;

– Damage increased to 1250;
– Damage against air targets decreased by 50%;

-IHGauss shots per ton increased from 4 to 5;

– PPC range reduced from 800 to 700;
– (C)ERPPC range reduced from 960 to 900;

– Thunderbolt5-20 ammo per ton increased;

– Damage reduced by 50%;
– Ammo per ton increased from 1 to 3;

– Ammo per ton increased from 72 to 108;
– Minimum range reduced to 120m;

– CLRM minimum range reduced to 150m;
– ELRM target tracking is in line with LRMs now;

Air weapons
– Air MRMs (now on all air assets) – unguided cheap missiles with big spread;
– eATMs – ATMs with reduced by 50% and 1250m range;

– NARC range reduced to 500m;
– Clan NARC (cNARC) introduced (700m range);
– Improved NARC introduced (900m range);

– TAG user gets rewards only for missile hit on target now;
– TAG must be hold on target for 3 sec for beacon to be created;

BA weapons
– Bear AC have 600m range, spread decreased, damage increased;
– Bear AC is the only default BA weapon;
– All weapons except BearAC are dedicated now (will be lost upon entering vehicle except APC);
– SBL range increased to 400;
– Prices reworked;
– BA TAG laser have 700m range now;

Build rules
– Recalculated to Fusion Engine 215 instead of XL;
– Base armor reduced;
– Recalculated to Fusion Engine 195 instead of XL;
– Hull armor factor reduced from 750 to 500;


We here at Wandering Samurai Studios would also like to inform you of our list of incompletions.

These are features, assets, and game-play mechanics that are at various stages of development but will never see the light of day due to recent events. We thought you, as our community, would like to know what you will not have just as much as you’d like to know what you will have. These items listed below were other milestones we planned to meet that we did not have time to finish by this final release but were notable based on our long-term goals. All of these items had substantial work done but were left incomplete.

Game Features:
– MechLab
– Aerospace HUD
– BattleArmor Claw
– Revised Buy Menu
– Revised Launch/Start menu
– User Selectable Ammo Types
– Full Damage/Impact sound set
– External Destructible Equipment Slots
– Finalized Internal Damage Components

Playable Assets:
– Kodiak
– Marauder
– Commando
– Schrek Tank
– APC variants
– Hunchback IIc
– Mobile Field Base
– Anhur Aerospace
– Xerxes Aerospace
– Kharnov Aerospace
– Svantovit Hovercraft
– Alacorn Assault Tank
– Commando Light ‘Mech
– Swiftwind Scout vehicle
– Corona Heavy Battle Armor
– Phalanx Heavy Battle Armor

Game Modes:
– Capture the Flag game mode
– Planetary Assault game mode
– Team Domination game mode

– Cold Steel
– Scorched
– Palace Gates
– Cavernous
– Wildlands
– TC_Ascent
– TC_Breach
– TC_Clearcut
– TC_Enkeladus
– TC_Extremity
– TC_Harvest
– TC_IndustrialRiverbed
– TC_Ridgeline
– TC_Tremors
– SA_Vesuvius

– In-game ambient music
– MWLL specific F-key radio dialog
– Unique sounds for each mech including ambience and movement/torso sounds
– Replacement sounds for every crysis weapon/asset
– Dialog for events: under 5:00 minutes, under 20 tickets, etc
– Replacement sound for all the subpar ticks, warnings, beeps, etc
– Elimination of sounds cutting out

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