Jan 22

Fellow Mechwarriors,

You thought MWLL was a forgotten casualty, but the Legends Live on!

Several community members have very much kept the fires going and have now revived our Total Conversion mod with their Community Edition (found here). Now with an all in one installer, it has never been easier to play. Simply download and play!

As for Wandering Samurai Studios, we are no longer pursuing future development on MWLL and thus passing the torch onto the Community Edition team and wish them all the best in their endeavors. We are confident that they will uphold the all rights that were granted in the development of MWLL as well as assume any and all responsibilities with regards to the legal obligations of this non-profit total conversion mod.

With great pride, we look forward to seeing where the Community Edition team will take this total conversion mod and what legends may emerge in the future.

Best of luck, Community Edition! May you become the next Living Legends!

MWLL Community Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/MWLL/

MWLL Community Edition Install Guide : https://www.reddit.com/r/MWLL/wiki/guides/install

Discord Group : http://discord.me/mwll
See you on the Battlefield Mechwarriors!

Dec 10

Fellow Living Legends,

As we all know, GameSpy services have been shut down for quite some time. This has made playing the Greatest Combined-Arms Battletech Experience quite a challenge. There may be a learning curve to the game, but there shouldn’t be one to install it! It has still been possible to play MWLL thanks to the dedication and perseverance of our community, and now, once again they’ve made even easier to get back in action than ever before.

Simply running the patcher is all that’s needed to let you play MWLL right now.

No more Gamespy accounts!
No more hostfile editing!!
Just install and play!!!

Check out r/mwll too, where updates for community events like the Open Merc Night and Chaos March will be posted, as well as the upcoming New Player Guide.

The updated installation guide with the GameSpy Fix can be found here:

See you on the Battlefield Mechwarriors!

Jan 28


The MWLL team is pleased to announce the immediate release of MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.7.1 Hotfix.  This hotfix addresses some performance issues and bugs that were included in the 0.7.0 release as follows:

Version 0.7.1

Added TC_Enkeladus
Big texture optimization for most of the assets
Fixed Solaris Arena rankings not appearing
Fixed Thanatos spawning off-map
Added orange line to Aerospace heat indicator
Fixed Long Tom HUD bug
Adjusted free reticule & torso pitch values on all Mechs
Reduced crouch pitch bonus to +10‹ (was +20‹)
Radar bug fixed on several variants
Adjusted Mech/Tank HUDs to be more legible
Fixed missing camos for several Mechs & weapon pods
Corrected buy menu mouse scrolling speed
Fixed several incorrect/inconsistent buy menu descriptions
Fixed collision proxy in Avatar torso
Fixed Chimera exploding from splash damage when mounting LRM-type weapons
Fixed Bushwacker, Shadowcat, Black Lanner torsos disappearing upon destruction
Fixed (c)UAC10/20 display names for consistency
Increased firebomb reload time
Fixed AC10 & AC20 impact sounds not playing
Corrected cNarc lockon range
Fixed PPC shots spawning double particles & sounds
Modified PPC impact properties (Slightly better performance)
Fixed HVAC ammo in buy menu
Fixed BA Bear MG not automatically being replaced upon buying new BA weapons
Fixed APC only available to Clans in puretech
Fixed top-mounted weapon convergence issues on Bushwacker, Catapult, Daishi, Loki, Masakari, Ryoken, Warhammer
Fixed sounds for Solitaire not working
Adjusted Uller hitbox proxies
Fixed Atlas movement bug when moving forward while pitching down
Fixed Atlas shooting self (e.g. Hitting self with NARC when pitched/twisted at certain angles)
Removed Ares 3rd person
Added new engine sounds for Ares
Added Uller, Warhammer, Loki, Thor, Madcat MkII, Blood Asp F & G variants
Clan Large Pulse Laser -10% heat per shot
Firebomb fire rate interval increased to 5 seconds from 3
Global cbill accumulation slowdown changed to -10% (from -20% in 0.7.0)
Removed audio from radio messages
Heatsinks properly repair when asset is repaired (damage warning does not disappear from HUD)
Adjusted heat properties of several maps to be more inline with more punishing heat system (hot maps less hot, cold maps less cold)
Small optimization pass on TC_IvoryTower, TC_Frostbite
Removed several laser turrets from TC_IvoryTower

-Fixed missing objects
-Added repair pad to D3 base, removed Mech hangar’s repair ability
-Moved spawngroup entity of easternmost base to VTOL tower to make spawn location more obvious to players
-Light optimization pass

-Fixed dips in ground around northern base; fixed light post in middle of repair pad
-Fixed floating lights in middle base
-Fixed untextured trees

-Fixed invisible terrain inside easternmost base
-Moved OOB area lower to fix OOB warning when inside deep lakes
-Fixed missing dam objects
-Fixed CL aero runway’s broken buyzone
-Fixed IS VTOL hanger floating when hit with C8

Please use the auto-updater included with your MWLL installer to update to the latest version.

Jul 26

For those of you that missed the release of 0.5.7, we are pleased to announce the immediate release of MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.6.0 public open beta.

MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.6.0 Public Open Beta

Easily being the largest single content release for MechWarrior: Living Legends since our initial beta release in 2009, the MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.6.0 open beta includes 9 new playable assets, 4 new maps, revisions and improvements to the TAG laser designation system, weapon convergence and procedural arm animation for the ‘Mechs and an almost innumerable list of additional enhancemenets, bug fixes and optimisations to existing game features.  One of the key features of 0.6.0 is actually the result of the cummulative asset set being released with this patch, that being that 0.6.0 is the first MWLL release that achieves a reasonable assset partity between the Inner Sphere and Clan faction vehicle selections.  This will allow for an accurate assessment of the Clan vs. IS game mode options and balance as we go forward.

    MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.6.0 Public Open Beta    MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.6.0 Public Open Beta

Changelog Version 0.6.0

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed wrong scoreboard ordering in TSA and TC
– Fixed “mass crash” and another crash due to multiple issues in synced storage
– Fixes two crashes in laser code
– Rewrote laser net code to make lasers more precise for observing clients
– Added relative shooting to increase precision for client spawn projectiles
– Fixed memory leak in radar code
– Fixed radar still working while dead
– Optimized net code for TC, results in less bandwidth usage in TC games
– Fixed vehicles still repairing while powering up
– Improved the stickiness of C4
– Fixed LOD issues with turret towers on TSA_Sandblasted

New Features:
– Clan Black Lanner Medium Mech
– Clan Ryoken Medium Mech
– Inner Sphere Avatar Heavy Mech
– Clan Daishi Assault Mech
– Clan Donar Attack VTOL
– Inner Sphere Corsair Aerospace Fighter
– Clan Visigoth Aerospace Fighter
– Inner Sphere Chevalier Light Scout Tank
– New Map : TC_Dustbowl
– New Map : TC_Frostbite
– New Map : TC_Inferno
– New Map : TC_IvoryTower
– Procedular animations for mech arms
– Weapon convergence on target (visually through rotating arms and other parts)
– Changed behaviour of the TAG-Laser. The target will stay tagged if you deviate off it for a short mount of time. TAG also creates a beacon in the same manner as NARC.
– Mech Paints. You can select them before buying a mech in the Loadout tab of the Buy Menu
– Added barrel geometry to Warhammer “B”, “C”, and “D” variants
– Added damage penalties to hovercrafts/tanks for turret/rear sections
– Resized Harasser model
– Removed Mauler’s obstructive cockpit bar

Balance Changes:
– Uziel – revised “Prime”, “B”, “C”, “D”, and “E” variants
– Buchwacker “B” – removed GECM, added spare ton for ammo
– Vulture “Prime” – removed 2 CLRM20, added 2 CLRM15, 4 DHS
– Blood Asp “D” – removed ATM6, LAMS, added CDSRM6, 1 DHS
– Blood Asp “E” – removed 2 DHS
– AC10/UAC10/CUAC10 ammunition increased to 50 per ton
– Lowered light kinetic/kinetic modifiers against VTOLs/aerospace
– Increased light kinetic modifier against hovercraft
– Initial capture of a point in TC is twice as slow as normal
– Initial capture of a point in TC no longer results in getting all attached assets at the beginning of the capture process
– Added leg internals to further balance the legging mechanic

Texture and Model Optimizations:
– Blood Asp textures
– Awesome textures
– Raven cockpit textures
– All tank tread textures
– Longtom textures
– Harasser textures
– Various environmental assets

Download MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.6.0

Before downloading MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.6.0, please reference the installation instructions provided in the Community Wiki here: http://wiki.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php?title=How_to_Install_MWLL

Before installing MWLL 0.6.0 you may wish to copy/move all custom maps to another location, since you most likely will not want to download these again, although if you have them as a backup elsewhere they can just be extracted afterwards to the correct location (MWLL/Game/Levels/Multiplayer/…).

You may also wish to backup your existing Player Profile(s);  copy or zip the folder to a new location if not already done, though the Profiles folder should not be touched upon a new install.

Then delete the entire MWLL folder from your ../Crysis Wars/Mods directory.

Download the MWLL installer package from mwlldownload.com and follow the prompts.

MechWarrior: Living Legends is only available as a complete download package (approximately 2.4GB) and there is no upgrade path from 0.5.6

As with all releases since 0.5.0, MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.6.0 only supports Crysis Wars.

Thank you for your continued support of MechWarrior: Living Legends, the premiere MechWarrior/BattleTech total conversion modication for Crysis Wars.

Discuss this release in our forums!

Apr 23

MWLL 0.5.6 Release Announcement

MechWarrior: Living Legends 0.5.6 public open beta is now available for immediate download!

With the release of 0.5.6 the Clan Epona 50-ton hover tank makes its feature debut.  Additionally this release addresses a number of issues with the MWLL 0.5.5 release and includes a formal balance pass on aerospace asests.

Changelog Version 0.5.6

Bug Fixes:
 – Fixed AC10, UAC10, CUAC10 round falloff rate to match stated range.
 – Fixed pricing on Mgun and _rot weapons
 – Possible fix for missing turret rotation sounds in release beta

New Features:
 – Complete revised TC_Mirage map
 – Clan Epona 50 ton Hovercraft

Balance Changes:
 – Increased Hephaestus base chassis pricing
 – Added auto_fire attribute to CLBX2 and CLBX5
 – Sulla “Prime” – changed BHP to BAP
 – Sulla “A” – changed BHP to BAP
 – Sulla “B” – removed BAP
 – Sulla “C” – removed 2x MG, removed extra 0.5 ton armour
 – Sulla “D” – removed 1 ton armour
 – Sulla “E” – changed variant to ATM6, ATM9, 2x CLBX2
 – Shiva “Prime” – 2x UAC5, 2x Gauss, BAP
 – Shiva “A” 2x HeavyGauss, 2x ERLBL, BAP, 2 DHS
 – Shiva “B” 2x LRM20, 2x ELRM15, NARC, BAP, 8 DHS
 – Shiva “C” 4x Firebomb, GECM, BHP
 – Shiva “D” 4x RAC5, 2x RAC2, GECM
 – Shiva “E” 2x LBX20, 2x LBX10, reduced armour

Known Issues:
– laser impact sounds to do not play for all impacts

Use the auto-updater included with your MWLL Launcher to automatically update your build to the latest release.

Discuss in our forums!

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